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Coffee House, is a musical blend of Broadway, pop and classic rock, featuring tunes from Jerry Herman and Alan Menken to Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell. The LA Times says listening to Susan "is like an all night conversation with your best friend."

Susan Egan's CD, Coffee House, is a new musical blend that reflects how the worlds of Broadway, pop and classic rock have recently begun to merge. It celebrates the kind of music once played in those local hangs 30-40 years ago – great story songs with an acoustic texture – fused with contemporary interpretations created by Egan and her long-time friend, producer, arranger and orchestrator, Christopher McGovern. You’ll hear Terrence Mann (Egan’s costar in Broadway’s Beauty and the Beast) singing Janis Ian, an Alan Menken/David Zippel pop song cut from the animated film Hercules, and Jerry Herman’s latest jazz tune from his new musical Miss Spectacular set along side great new theatre/cabaret composers and classic artists such as Cat Stevens, Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell. The worlds of these writers are no longer far apart.

*This CD has the track "I Can't Believe My Heart" - the song originally written for the character of Meg in Disney's Hercules!